Big Shine Energy: LED Lighting Turnkey Solution

Helping businesses shine with full turnkey LED lighting and HVAC solutions for industrial and commercial settings.

Projectors / Screens / Accessories

Get projectors, projector screens and accessories.


Big Shine Energy’s turnkey service means you don’t have to deal with multiple companies for your lighting project.


Get projectors, projector screens and accessories for your home, office or even for the out doors

Coming Soon

New motions are in place that we can’t wait to revel to you. We seek your patience and thank you for your support!


Big Shine Malaysia is part of the Big Shine Worldwide, Inc. thats a global supplier for top-of-the-line semi-conductors and electrical components.

Our core business in semiconductor technology expanded to LED lighting as sustainability matters prioritized. Big Shine now encompasses divisions in led manufacturing, energy conservation, semiconductor supply..

Why we decided to go with Big Shine over the others was the fact that it was all turnkey. It was very, very important to us that this installation go as we needed it done. We did not want to shut down,
they worked around [our schedule]. And I don’t think anyone else would have been willing to do that.
Gene Cluster

Kloeckner Metals

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Hello, Big Shine Malaysia is scheduled to open in May. Please note that prices are not final and subject to change. Send us an enquiry at for an official quotation.