[EXZEN] X-Tension Projector Screen


X-Tension Projector Screens contains the strongest magnet on Earth called Neodymium magnet, which allows easy installation on any metal surface for camping, advertising, etc.



X-Tension Screen with poles made of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) are inexpensive, and the surface tension of the screen isn’t less than that of the usual tension screens. X-Tension Screen has the tension evenly distributed in all four directions.

Please note: This screen is suitable for “Short Throw” and “Normal Throw” projector. It is not¬†suitable for “Ultra Short Throw” Projector.¬†

Additional information


XT-60 ($129), XT-80 ($144), XT-100 ($159), XT-60W ($129), XT-80W ($144), XT-100W ($159)


Yes ($35), None

Projector Screen Properties

Indoor/outdoor, Lightweight, Portable, Tripod


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